Hey! We wrote a novel!

We did it! We finished our manuscript! Curious? Well, I suppose we can give you, Dear Reader, a taste…

The Arborist

1896 – Port Gamble, Washington

Lizzie Gates always dreamed her life would be an adventure. But she finds herself in a loveless marriage in a tiny company town as her husband begins work on Bishop Timber’s new airship dock. Mr. Edwin Ames, superintendent of the mill, becomes afflicted with a strange illness, never going outside and insisting on a diet of raw meat. When he finds that his illness is the reason he and his wife are still childless, he looks to Lizzie and her husband to be the test subjects in an experiment to produce a healthy child.

2016- Seattle, Washington

Abby and Emily Stevens are fighting. Again. Between punching her sister’s boyfriend, her graveyard shift at Bishop Timber, and her boss-creepy Mr. Ames, Emily is at her wit’s end. With the Jules Verne Ball only six weeks away, she must plan the party of the century, makeup with her sister, and survive her boss’s odd attentions.

Meanwhile, the Stanford Society is on the case of a dangerous man, dubbed the Arborist, they believe to be a vampire. Will their agents identify the fiend before he takes any more victims? And if they manage to slay him, will he stay dead?


Victorian Women Gone Wild?

Yeah, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. We’re two authors who like to write about alternative histories and the menagerie of characters that inhabit those worlds. You like an airship with your cup of tea? Daggers hidden in corsets? Creatures that lurk in broad daylight but just might eat you? We got you covered!

We just finished our co-authored novel and are getting ready to query agents. This website will give updates on our progress, our writing processes, and other general nerdy awesomeness.

Join us for the ride, won’t you? Next airship departs in 15 minutes, hope to see you on board!